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Commitment to excellence is a fundamental part of the Strahlend Energy Resources Inc., philosophy. Here in lies that all employees share a common set of values and objectives. One essential objective is our conviction to uphold ethical standards in all our corporate activities. These standards apply to all Strahlend’s activities in every country and market that we operate and serve. 

We are committed to an in-depth and organizational-wide Corporate Social Responsibility mandate that clearly outlines our ethical business practices and social investments. We are dedicated to creating long-term corporate value and believe the most effective way to accomplish this is by conducting ourselves as a good corporate citizen, both internally and externally. 

A key component of good corporate citizenship is maintaining strong and transparent relationships with stakeholders, based on trust and respect. Our voluntary social investment programs play an important role in building solid relationships and generating goodwill with home and host governments. We work collaboratively with communities and local authorities within our operating jurisdictions; through our Subsidiaries, we are currently developing social strengthening and voluntary investment programs in communities around our operations. 

We expect all our employees to perform their work with honesty, truthfulness and integrity, hereunder to respect and abide by the governing guidelines. We strive to do business with customers and suppliers of sound business character and reputation. 

Our paramount concern is the health and safety of our employees, customers and everyone else that involved with our activities. This concern reaches beyond such measures required under applicable law, and we and any of our employees will ensure that any and all reasonable measures are taken to protect any person against personal injury when involved in or related to one of our activities. 

Respect for and preservation of the environment is a key element of our business proposition and as such integral in our mindset. We therefore develop services that minimize negative impacts on the environment. This results in actual reduction of carbon footprint whenever a customer applies our solutions.