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Strahlend in Brief

Strahlend Energy Resources Inc., is engaged in exploration, development and production oil, natural gas and new energy sources in South America and the Caribbean region. Our company is committed to develop energy resources in a manner that is absolute respectful of the environment, life, communities and local laws surrounding its operations. 

Strahlend Energy Resources Inc., is engaged in well technology and innovative services solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our technology and service solutions are dedicated to enhance well productivity and improve the performance of reservoirs. Our solutions are applicable for all types of onshore and offshore well environments including the most extreme and hostile ones such as Deepwater, subsea, extended reach, high-yield, heavy oil and unconventional gas well environments. All phases of a well’s life are covered. 

Our operations and solutions are based on clean technology and a strong determination to enhance personnel safety and health while reducing the environmental risks, fuel consumption and carbon footprints.